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Patricia Foley Hinnen Honored by CauseArtist

CauseArtist, an online news source that spotlights startups, organizations, and social entrepreneurs changing the world through social enterprise, included Patricia in their list of 15 inspiring women CEOs that impacted the world in 2015. These CEOs run companies/organizations that are developing their business/organizations to solve or prevent some of our worlds most pressing issues.

CauseArtist says

As technology and globalization continue to become a part of all of our eco-systems, we all begin to share each others path. We now have amazing data on poverty, malnutrition, disease, climate, agriculture, and so much more. With this data we can now see solutions being solved through business and through dedicated organizations. Non-profit organizations are changing, traditional business models are changing, and more and more the business and non-profit world are working together to solve issues, test products, and create new innovative solutions.

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