Advocacy We advocate for economic justice for marginalized women who deserve a level playing field.

While our Investment Program finances tiny business loans for women in developing countries, our Advocacy Program promotes financial services for the third of the world’s population that lives in destitute poverty. At a time of the most significant technological advances in the history of human civilization, we have the greatest number of people who are unable to access food, clean water, basic health care, and shelter. 20% of the world’s population living in the highest income countries accounts for 86% of total private consumption; the poorest 20% represent 1.3%. As globalization and the interaction and interdependence among nations increase, the extreme differences in living standards across the globe are increasingly visible and problematic. This is not a sustainable global model.

We have helped build seven microfinance organizations under the Capital Sisters umbrella over the last decade in order to pilot innovative lending models, promote economic empowerment through entrepreneurship, and advance more enabling public policies for financial inclusion. We are actively involved with public and private sector organizations that share our vision of a world where women have access to credit for self-employment initiatives that enable them to feed their families and live in dignity. Together we are building the fields of microfinance and gender-lens investing.

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