Investing Each $1,000 zero-interest bond funds 10 women’s businesses at $100 each. Our Sister Bonds® investment product, named to symbolize the special connection between investors and women borrowers, is unique in the impact investing market.

We offer the only zero-interest investment opportunity of its kind – created exclusively to finance women’s micro loans and marketed to the general public, enabling ‘household investors’ to help solve global poverty. Capital Sisters lends the bond proceeds on an interest free, fixed-term basis to nonprofit microfinance institutions that have demonstrated exemplary performance. Our microfinance partners use the capital to provide tiny business loans ($100 to $700) to impoverished women for income-generating activities that allow them to provide for their families and live in dignity. The micro loans carry market rates but do not require collateral. When the loans are repaid, our partners keep the interest to help support their loan management programs. They repay the principal to Capital Sisters, along with a ‘Social Dividend’ – which is a report about the women whose businesses were funded. Capital Sisters provides the Social Dividend to investors in lieu of interest, along with their principal.

Our goal is to turn traditional donors into investors and traditional investors into socially responsible investors. After financing micro loans for women borrowers and improving life for all the people who depend on them, investors get their money back.

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