Capital Sisters is deeply grateful for the contribution that so many individuals have made towards our work. Our family and friends have provided us funding, time, expertise, and often a place for the night. We would like to specifically acknowledge the following for their contributions.

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Kite Seller, India, Courtesy of Lincoln Young

MetLife Foundation

Colleen Abdoulah

The Alliance Foundation

Cynda Collins Arsenault

Erin Jellel Collins Arsenault

John Fidel Collins Arsenault

Arsenault Family Foundation

Jessie Beyer

Gayle Beyer and Bob Shippee

Cassie Boggs

Beyond Our Borders Fund

Sara Boyd

Stephanie Boyles

Pamela Barsam Brown and Stanley Brown

Pamela Brown

Patty and Bruce Cameron

Heather Carroll

Carla Casariego

Mimi Cavanaugh

Lauren and Gary Cohen

Lisa Cohen

Patricia Cooper

Rebecca Cueto

Andra Davidson

Amy Divine

Anne Dupont

Ellen Seale Durst and Peter Durst

Roy and Shirley Durst 1996 Charitable Trust

Joseph Henry Edmondson Foundation

Jenny Elliott

Karen Elliott

Martha Eubanks

Lara Ewing

Eric and Sara Feldman

Bill Felling

Michaele Ferguson

Brenda J. and George-Wesley Fisher, Jr.

Lee Fisher and Barry Rosenberg

Kay Moon Folan and Richard D. Folan, MD

Folan Family Foundation

Doris Foley

Maureen Foley

Susan Foley

Ann Garner

Loren George

Virginia Glassman Estate

Rhondda Grant

Sondra and Andrew Greene

Brooklyn Grier

Cary B. Griffin

Constance Hanninen

Cynthia Hansen

Sue and Russell Haskell

Elizabeth and Darold Herdes

Debbie and Rick Hill

Beth Hinnen

Cole Foley Hinnen

Dane Foley Hinnen

Gay and Don Hinnen

Patricia Foley Hinnen and Britt Hinnen

Joan and Norm Horii

Rick and Karen Jacobs

Ashley Jones

Isabella Jones

Kat Jorstad

Laura Kadlecek

Barbara I. Keller

Meg Kendall

Taya Kendall

Lee Hovey King and William E. King

Summer Kircher

Tim Kuhlman

Barbara B. Lamphere

Cindy Lindsay

Barbara Jo MacDonell

Al Marino

Francy Milner

Lynn Morgan

Carrie Noonan

Ashley Oliphant

Marian Donohue Phillipson and Mark Phillipson

Susan Block Potterat

Ellen Powers and Stephen Moore

Matilda Purvis

Susie Ramsay

Susan Retherford

Sara Rollo

Jean Saul

Melanie Sawyer

Teri Schwartz

Stephen Sheafor

Meg Ryan Sippel and Jeff Sippel

Mary Sissel

Betz Smisek

Rachel C Smith/Posner-Wallace Foundation

Doug Spencer and Kathleen Parrish

Anne Stancliffe

Sarah Stancliffe

Elizabeth Stillwell and David Cohen

Mark Swanholm

Di and Todd Thompson

Nancy and Jim Travis

Evan Unger

Teresa Van De Bogart

Kathy Van Inwegen

Wendy Warren

Jane West

Jo Lynne Whiting

Lucille Cousineau-York and Thomas York

Ann Young

Court and Sharon Young

Karen and Brad Yuan

Susan Zimmermann and Paul Phillips

Mary Zinn

and all of our other Founding Donors. You have made our critical work possible.