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Kite Seller, India, Courtesy of Lincoln Young

Capital Sisters is deeply grateful for the contribution that so many individuals have made towards our work. Our family and friends have provided us funding, time, expertise, and often a place for the night. We would like to specifically acknowledge the following supporters for their contributions.

We make every effort to ensure this list is accurate. Thank you in advance for alerting us to any name changes, additions, or corrections! (


MetLife Foundation – Visionary Sponsor

Tides Foundation – Visionary Sponsor

Adriana Abarca

Colleen Abdoulah

Gina Adams-Martinez and Benny Martinez

Uldis and Janene Adamsons

The Alliance Foundation

Kaylene Alvarez

Susan Anderson

Debbie Armbruster and David Stanton

Cynda Collins Arsenault

Erin Jellel Collins Arsenault

John Fidel Collins Arsenault

Arsenault Family Foundation

Paula and Stephen Axelrod

Nicole Bagley

Jennifer Bajaj

Mary and Frank Barry

Donna Baker Breningstall

Kristin Schneider Baldwin

Michael Barber

Jessie Beyer

Gayle Beyer and Bob Shippee

Beyond Our Borders Fund

Rebecca Bliss

June Blouch

Ellen Blum

Cassie Boggs

Sara Boyd

Courtney and Chuck Boyle

Stephanie Boyles

Ann and John Brock

Amy Brown

Pamela Barsam Brown and Stanley Brown

Pamela Brown

Anna Lillo Bukszar

Susan and Alan Burkholder

Patty and Bruce Cameron

Mary and Bert Carollo

Heather Carroll

Mimi Cavanaugh

Carla Casariego

Mary Caulkins

Mimi Cavanaugh

Ann Chafee

Brandi Chastain

Mary Beth and Christopher Cipoletti

Lauren and Gary Cohen

Lisa Cohen

Patricia Cooper

Lu Cordova

Marty and Howard Corren

Lucille Cousineau-York and Thomas York

Mary Frances Cowan

Jennifer Cuccaro

Rebecca Cueto

Marian Curtis

David Dahlin

Leslie Dashew

Andra Davidson

Patricia Deeny

Jason Dempsey

Amy Divine

Tweedie Doe

Jennifer Doell

Laurie and Bob Dolian

Donnell Initiative Fund

Martha Driscoll

Anne Dupont

Ellen Seale Durst and Peter Durst

Roy and Shirley Durst 1996 Charitable Trust

Suzanne Dysard

Michael and Julie Eber

Joseph Henry Edmondson Foundation

Jenny Elliott

Karen Elliott

Jordana Estes

Martha Eubanks

Robert Evans

Lee C. Palmer Everding

Sean and Jaye Everland

Lara Ewing

Barbara Faaborg

Barbara Fanning

Barbara Faulkenberry

Marilyn Feaster

Eric and Sara Feldman

Bill Felling

Michaele Ferguson

Marjorie Fisch

Brenda J. and George-Wesley Fisher, Jr.

Lee Fisher and Barry Rosenberg

Jeannie Folan

Kay Moon Folan and Richard D. Folan, MD

Ligia Forgaciu

Folan Family Foundation

Doris Foley

Maureen Foley

Susan Foley

Ross Fox

Julie Francis

Gretchen Gagel

Charlotte Gagne

Ann Garner

Robyn Garnett

Kelly Gehrmann

Loren George

Elayne Gallagher

Virginia Glassman

Heidi Goettel

Joanne Goldblum

Lynda Goldstein

Vicki Gordon

Rhondda Grant

Sondra and Andrew Greene

Gretchen and Spencer Gresham

Brooklyn Grier

Cary Griffin and Tom Suber

Constance Hanninen

Cynthia Hansen

Cathy Hart

Sue and Russell Haskell

Jane C. Hays

Elizabeth and Darold Herdes

Debbie and Rick Hill

Beth Hinnen

Cole Foley Hinnen and Jana Ruane Hinnen

Dane Foley Hinnen

Gay and Don Hinnen

Gregg Hinnen and Susan Fabio Hinnen

Patricia Foley Hinnen and Britt Hinnen

Kathy Hoenig

Serfina Grace Holleb

Joan and Norm Horii

Rick and Karen Jacobs

Frank Jessie

Carolyn Jhung

Mary Donn Jordan

Ashley Jones

Isabella Jones

Kat Jorstad

Judy Joseph

Jane Leighty Justis and Bob Justis

Laura Kadlecek

Yoko Katagishi

Barbara I. Keller

Maureen Kelley

Meg Kendall

Phil Kendall

Taya Kendall

Alicia Kershaw

Daniel J. Kester

Lee Hovey King and William E. King

Summer Kircher

Tobias Kircher

Judith Klein

Sue Ellen Klein

Ryan and Jessica Klumb

Cara Koch

Ruth Krebs

Reena Krishnan

Judith Russell Kugler

Tim Kuhlman

Tom and Carolyn Laetz

Barbara B. Lamphere

Anita Lane

Margot Lane

Janice Larkin

Gretchen and Ron Larson

Brett Lewan

Carol and Richard Lewis

LeeAnne Linderman

Elizabeth Lindquist

Petra Lindquist

Cindy Lindsay

Pam Lively

Doyle Lyons

Barbara Jo MacDonell

Marianne Maloney

Susan Marcus

Albert Marino and Josephine Jenno

Brandi Buechele Mason

Alessandra Mayer

Martha and Tom McCall

Catherine McCaul

Debra McVicker

Becky and Jon Medved

Janet Melson

Janet and J. Bruce Merriman

Francy Milner

Stephanie Milzer

Nalda Mitchell

Skip and Joan Mooney

Renee and David Moorefield

Shannon Morgan

The Peter C. Cornell Trust at the Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo

Marlene Bjornsrud and Jo Murto

Karen and John Nevins

Tara Nolan

Carrie Noonan

Betty Nordwind

Andrea Norman

Melinda and Paul O’Rourke

Roak and Tehri Parker

Susan Pattee

Melanie Pease-Davidson

Jodi Pederson

Linda Peotter

Joanne Posner-Mayer

Ashley Oliphant

Marian Donohue Phillipson and Mark Phillipson

Susan Block Potterat

The Pounds Family Foundation

Ellen Powers and Stephen Moore

Matilda Purvis

Debbie and Regis Quinn

Susie Ramsay

Anne Marie Reidy

Susan Reigel

Megan Retherford

Susan Retherford

Carolyn and Ron Reuss

Kathleen Ricker

Anne Marie Riedy

Renee Boele and Kees Rietmeijer

Sara Rollo

Nancy Saltzman

Sandra Sanders

Jean Saul

John Schmid

Chet and Louise Schwartz

Melanie Sawyer

Teri Schwartz

Stephen Sheafor

Pam Shockley-Zalabak

Eugenie Sibeud

Ruth Silver

Lisa and Gary Simms

Meg Ryan Sippel and Jeff Sippel

Mark Sippel

Mari Sippel

Mary Sissel

Beverly and John Skinner

Todd Slawson

Bev Sloan

Betz Smisek

Lisa Smith

Rachel C. Smith and the Posner-Wallace Foundation

Katherine Speas

Hannah Sorscher and Frank Jessie

Doug Spencer and Kathleen Parrish

Creed and Jacqueline Spillane

Linda and Tim Stancliffe

Anne Stancliffe

Sarah Stancliffe

Mike and Jamie Stewart

Susan and Richard Strasbaugh

Elizabeth Stillwell and David Cohen

Mark Swanholm

Jodi Taylor

Greg Thielen

Di and Todd Thompson

Bev Thygesen

Teresa Tian

Jean and Charles Townsend

Nancy and Jim Travis

Tom and Rhonda Trimble

Alice Turak

Evan Unger

Toni Van Burkleo

Teresa Van De Bogart

Tom Van De Bogart

Kathy Van Inwegen

Judith Wagner

Wendy Warren

Jane West

Laura Whiteside

Jo Lynne Whiting

Susan Cornell Wilkes

Rosalie Williams and Kurt Peterson

Elaine Wolbrom

Eliza Woloson

Vivian Wong

Basalle Wong

Patricia Wynne

Elaine Yarbrough

Jaclyn Yelich

Ann and James C. Young

Court and Sharon Young

Karen and Brad Yuan

Susan Zimmermann and Paul Phillips

Mary Zinn

Women’s Foundation of Colorado