Technical Advisors

Our global platform is built on the success of our partnerships and collaborations, cultivated over the last decade.

We are grateful for the technical expertise, thought-leadership and advice provided by the following key partners:

Calvert Foundation: A global leader in impact investing, Calvert Foundation connects individual investors with organizations working around the world, developing affordable housing, creating jobs, protecting the environment and more.

Hogan Lovells: Law firm provides exceptional legal representation across a wide variety of transactional and litigation matters. The law firm’s experience is cross-border and emerging economies give them the market perspective to be our global partner.

Rosenstock Legal Services: Founded in Kabul in 2008, RLS is a legal consulting firm that combines international best practice with local knowledge to advise local and international, private and public clients and to improve the Afgan legal landscape.

Ryan, Gunsauls and O’Donnell, LLC: A Certified Public Accountant firm, Ryan, Gunsauls and O’Donnell is a dynamic, full-service firm offering a range of services, including tax, audit, accounting, business valuation, and consulting services.

Trans Mountain Consulting: A Colorado based consulting firm who have been providing Capital Sisters with top notch bookkeeping services for as long as we can remember.

Domoto Brands: Dedicated to building honest, holistic brands that people love and trust, Domoto is the only web design and branding firm in Colorado pursuing the status of a Benefits Corporation.

Monigle Associates: One of the largest independent brand consultancies in the country, Monigle has been collaborating with leading companies to build strong brands that resonate in the hearts and minds of people who matter for 40 years, with client success stories in virtually every industry.

Ellen Stark Graphic Design: With 20 years of experience in design solutions and a strong academic background in effective human and business communications, Ellen brings a unique understanding to every design project.

Mark Swanholm and Carla Casariego: Business Start-up and Technology Consultants provided pro bono advice for over a decade, and assistance with IT strategy, development roadmaps, envision workshop, web development, and general encouragement.

FLS Associates: FLS provides strategic business and operational planning, along with execution support to early stage companies accelerating funding and success factors. Their service to Capital Sisters since the early years has been indispensable to the launch of the organization.

Teri Schwartz and Associates: A recognized leader in the field of leadership development and organizational change, Teri Schwartz works with diverse range of clients helping them reach their greatest potential.

Al Marino: Al was a founder and the Chief Operating Officer of Claren Road, a credit focused hedge fund. He has been involved with Capital Sisters for over a decade and is an independent member of the Capital Sisters Finance and Investment Committee of the Board.

Spencer Associates, Inc.: Doug Spencer has been in the impact investment and small business consulting space for many years. With his deep concern about poverty related issues, domestic and abroad, he sits on the board of a number of nonprofit global development organizations.

We are also particularly grateful to Friendship Bridge and CARD, the inaugural microfinance partners of the Capital Sisters Investment Fund. They continue to guide us by sharing their knowledge and experience, and compel us with their deep respect for and dedication to their clients.

To learn more about our Microfinance Partners, click here. To learn more about our industry collaborations, click here.