Social Dividend

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  • Tomasa

    Tomasa lives in El Quiché, Guatemala, one of the most populous departments in the country with inhabitants predominantly of Mayan descent. Tourism is a large part of El Quiché’s economy because of the abundance of historic churches and archeological sites. Tomasa makes and sells beautiful traditional weavings as seen in the photo. Her successful business allows her to support herself and her five children.

  • Maria Hilda

    Maria Hilda is a married mother raising six children. She has recently taken out her first loan in order to support her business of making and selling weavings. Working as an artisan making clothing and textiles is the occupation of over 40% of Capital Sisters’ clientele in Guatemala. Maria expects to continue expanding her business to support her household.

  • Lilia

    Lilia’s hard work and entrepreneurial spirit, combined with the availability of loan capital, have enabled her to expand her mini convenience store and support a hog fattening business and agricultural farm. Microfinance has allowed Lilia to develop the resources to open a savings account and help support her family.

  • Marcelina

    Marcelina hails from the Pangasinan region of the Philippines. Pangasinan is known for verdant hills, caves, waterfalls, ancient Spanish churches, and a vast coastline for fishing, water sports, and white sand beaches. Marcelina makes her living selling frozen foods in the market. She and her husband support their household of three children.

Every Bond You Purchase will Finance Ten Women's Businesses, For Every Year it is Invested.

Get to know the women. Hear their stories. See your $1,000 change lives and then get your money back – or fund ten more businesses!

In lieu of interest, you will receive a Social Dividend – a Client Investment Report that includes specific details about the ten women whose businesses were financed by your bond – for each year that the bond is invested. Your Report will include the name and a photo of each woman, along with her location, business, age, marital status, number of children, and years of education. You will also receive overall country and impact data from our organization’s global investment activities.

Imagine investing in Sebastiana, the mother of seven, who opened her village’s first-ever tortilleria in rural Guatemala…

Or Rosario’s business of buying and selling second-hand clothing in the Philippines, which has allowed her to build a new cinder block house and enroll three of her six children in school…

Or Makhotso, who started a small business selling chickens after her husband died, enabling her to feed and educate her family of five.

You will be forever moved by the stories of enterprising women, and grateful for the positive impact your investment has made. Feeling connected with the women borrowers is incredibly inspiring, a return far more valuable than a financial return on your principal. As we say in our organization:

It’s the principal that matters!