Field building and policy work start with education. Awareness is the foundation from which real change occurs. We have to change the way we see the world in order to cause long-term, effective, catalytic change.

We educate a broad spectrum of people: policy makers, microfinance industry practitioners, investment professionals, development experts, students, academics, and the public. We lecture and speak at conferences, universities, community gatherings and in other local and international forums. We provide thought-leadership to advance economic justice for women in the developing world.

We do this because studies show that women borrowers:

  • Focus on Health. Experience lower rates of disease, childbirth, illiteracy, malnutrition, mortality and domestic violence.
  • Invest in the Future. Re-invest the bulk of their income in their businesses and families, thus raising children who are healthier and better educated, and strengthening the economic base of entire villages and communities.
  • Find their Voice: Become more involved in family decision making, more mobile and more politically and legally engaged than women in non-borrowing families, thus helping to build robust, self-sustaining community organizations and grassroots democracy.
  • Are Credit Worthy. Repay their loans at a rate of over 95%, and are willing to pay market interest rates, enabling microfinance institutions to cover their costs, provide critical health and education services, and be sustainable.

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