Vision & Mission


Capital Sisters envisions a world where impoverished women have access to credit for income generating activities that allow them to provide for their families and live in dignity.

Capital Sisters International envisions a world where poverty, gender inequality, and financial exclusion are eliminated by a level playing field.


The mission of Capital Sisters International is to connect impoverished women in developing countries who need tiny business loans with investors willing to provide them.

Capital Sisters International works to advance the economic empowerment of women through entrepreneurship. We provide household investors with an opportunity to address poverty on a global scale.

Capital Sisters delivers its mission through two programs, an Investment Program and an Advocacy Program. Our Investment Program provides capital to microfinance institutions in developing countries. Our Advocacy Program works to raise awareness about the need for more enabling public policy on financial inclusion.

After raising funds for micro loans from donations and grants for more than a decade, we have taken our model to the next level by creating an Impact Investment Fund. The investment model provides micro borrowers with more sustainable and predictable access to capital than traditional sources of charity. In spite of the success of the microfinance industry over the past three decades, the industry is currently only meeting 15 to 20% of the global demand for micro loans. In order to reach the massive level of unmet demand, the microfinance industry must tap into the capital markets.

This innovative approach to philanthropy gives traditional donors the opportunity to become investors, and traditional investors an opportunity to become socially responsible investors. Our Sister Bonds® Investment Fund provides a vehicle for those who want a portion of their portfolio invested in assets that provide a social benefit in addition to a financial return.

Our bonds are one of the only investment products in global microfinance available to the household investor. There are even fewer gender lens investment opportunities in the broader market.