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Teri was president of Teri Schwartz Associates for 35 years, a Denver based consulting firm focused on the areas of organizational change and leadership development. Teri is a visible force in the national and international business communities, having received recognition for the work she has done with Fortune 500 companies in the areas of culture transformation, leadership, team development, executive coaching and organizational change over the last 25 years across a diverse community of client organizations and individuals including Merck, Pinnacol Assurance, Merrill Lynch, Guaranty Bank & Trust, General Electric, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Genentech, Human Genome Sciences, and the US Department of Education. Teri currently focuses her skills and experience on education, working with Denver Public Schools and other Colorado school districts. She coaches principals, runs school staff team building sessions, works with top leaders to achieve organizational culture change, and designs and runs a common ground process to bring school communities and staffs together to resolve conflicts and get alignment around visions and strategy. Teri is actively involved in community service, teaching leadership and engagement skills to young and underserved populations in the Denver community. She also provides leadership training to the international board of the Oaxaca Street Children’s Project in Mexico. She has provided leadership coaching for Capital Sisters International, and has designed and facilitated strategic planning meetings for the board of Capital Friends International. Teri received a BS in Education and an MS in Public Administration from the University of Colorado in Boulder. Teri is currently retired, working on selected consulting engagements, serving on the Board of Capital Friends, working with Food for Thought running a food bank for a charter school serving low income students, traveling, and enjoying life.