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The Center for Agriculture and Rural Development (CARD) The Center for Agriculture and Rural Development (CARD) was originally founded as a social development organization in the Philippines in 1986 and launched its micro lending operations in 1989. While the lending model used by CARD was originally based on the group lending methods developed by the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, CARD has adapted that methodology to the specific context of the Philippines by moving to a model that is focused on individual lending. With the end goals of attaining maximum outreach and sustainability, CARD NGO now serves over 2.8 million clients, 69% of whom are women. Since the late 1990s the organization has been gradually helping its branches transform from non-profits to regulated, self-sustaining banking institutions, to broaden their product range and better serve their clients. Their strategy of developing mutually reinforcing institutions (MRIs) is very well regarded in the microfinance and international development communities and has earned them recognition as an industry leader. CARD’s nine MRIs currently offer micro loans, banking, health and life insurance products and services, education, and training programs to their clients. CARD Inc. has consistently maintained a near perfect repayment rate since 2001, which contributed to its financial viability as per global microfinance standards.